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5 ways to instax your Christmas this year

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

1. Personalize your Christmas greeting card


Tired of sending out the same old cookie-cutter Christmas cards to friends and family? Add an instax of yourself and stick it on wherever you like! If you’ve got a bunch of cards to send out, make use of the instax mini Link Motion Control feature, which lets you print the same image multiple times. Simply turn the printer upside down and press the power button to reprint your last instax photo.

2. Make Secret Santa a little more fun


Everyone knows Secret Santa: you’re randomly ‘assigned’ a person in your office/family/group of friends and whoever you get will receive a gift from you. The catch is that all receivers won’t know who their Secret Santa is. If you’re part of the tradition this year, make it extra fun by using the instax mini Link Surprise Mode. It combines the halves of two different faces, and the final image is kept secret till the instax is printed out. This way you can plan the printing so that the receiver’s face takes the top half of the instax, while the giver’s face takes the bottom half.

3. Let your guests hunt for their party favours


Holding a Christmas party at home? Throughout the gathering, you can play photographer and go around taking candid shots of your guests, or you could encourage them to take selfies and wefies. Then, connect either your phone or theirs to the mini Link to print out the instax photos before placing them in different parts of the house. Before your guests leave, tell them to hunt for their favorites and let them take the instax prints home as a souvenir! Oh, don’t forget to use the mini Link Zoom Function, which acts as a motion driven remote control for your smartphone camera. Zoom in or out by tilting the mini Link to frame the shot perfectly. Once you’re happy with the composition, you can go ahead and snap that photo.

4. Make your Christmas tree a unique one


It's time to decorate the tree? Forget the glittery stars and fairy lights and go for shots you’ve taken over the year. Have a look through your mobile and pick your favorite moments – whether it’s from that vacation in Japan, your graduation day, or your best friend’s wedding. Then use the mini Link to print out those photos to use as Christmas tree ornaments instead. Tip: leave some space on the tree for your friends to add to the decorations when they’re celebrating the festivities at your place. The mini Link Party Mode lets you invite friends to join in the fun by sending their images to your mini Link, and from there you can print a unique collage-style instax.

5. Go the alternative route for Christmas


No Christmas tree? No problem! Print your best shots using the mini Link and build your own. Find a wall in your home or office and stick away. Another idea you can consider requires plenty of washi tape and some string. Use the tape to outline the shape of a Christmas tree and run the string along the inside of the outline. Place the instax prints wherever you like. For laughs, you could use the mini Link Match Test feature. Simply take a photo of you and a friend and answer a few questions to “test your compatibility” based on your factors like your personalities, dreams, actions, and so on, or let the app automatically do it for you!


With the compact instax mini Link, printing pictures on the go is easy and quick. Get creative with it and see what else you can do to make your Christmas (and other occasions) unique!

Merry Christmas and Happy reading everyone!

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